How to change or appoint your body corporate manager

Given how much is at stake for your property assets – financially and reputationally – in appointing a new a Body Corporate Manager, taking the time to conduct due diligence on the key criteria is a worthwhile investment of your time. At a minimum, your Body Corporate manager should demonstrate competency to manage the Body Corporate’s administrative responsibilities and assist you to fulfil your financial and reporting obligations to your members and statutory bodies.

APL goes beyond this, taking a more proactive approach by sharing our accumulated knowledge and providing you with expert advice. Typically, this takes the form of alerting you to issues before they become big issues, flagging improvement opportunities that provide exceptional returns on investment and enhance the value of your property assets, ensuring you

are informed and prepared to deal with forthcoming regulatory changes, highlighting efficient ways for you to reduce operational costs and capital expenditure – often by tapping into our supplier network and buying power. This is backed by the most advanced technology in the industry, an area in which we make an ongoing investment.

"They have been efficient and professional in everything that they do and when I am faced with decisions they are only too willing to explain the options clearly to me. Meetings are well run and when I have asked for advice, they are willing to oblige." 


  • Service specialisation
  • Depth and breadth of experience
  • Size of the team – avoiding key-person dependence
  • Clearly documented service level expectations
  • Assurance of no hidden costs
  • Ability to provide all the services you need under one umbrella
  • Modular service structure that avoids unnecessary add-ons
  • Specialist software that includes efficient reporting and recording
  • Redundancy systems that ensure continuity of services and security of information
  • Priority access to additional property services at favourable rates
  • The option to operate your own Body Corporate bank account


We can provide you with an expanded understanding of how Body Corporate management services can enhance the management and value of your property. Please fill in the form below and one of our Body Corporate team will respond to you asap.