“The success we bring our clients is not just professional – it’s personal too. We are locals. These schools are where our kids go to learn and play and we naturally want them to have the best and safest environment. We have been assisting schools with this for nearly 20 years; supporting executives and trustees and helping them to maintain and improve these vital community property assets.”

APL is a Ministry of Education Preferred Supplier. We have specialist services that assist school executives and trustees to plan their property requirements under the 10YPP and manage projects under 5YA. Due to our detailed understanding of the MOE’s requirements we can take overall responsibility for the administrative tasks, prepare all submissions, ensure they fulfil the MOE’s expectations and are aligned with the desired outcomes.

We are highly proficient at undertaking school property projects; managing competitive tendering of architects, builders and related trades, through to overseeing construction, fitout, delivery and obtaining any required certification. Typically, projects that may disrupt the normal operation of the school are undertaken in a compressed time frame during the major school holidays.

Through a Trade Services Panel unique to APL we can secure the services of all the required trades and resources – often at a time when they are looking to take their own holidays – and manage multiple projects simultaneously. This ensures that the buildings and grounds are safe and ready when school resumes. All our services are provided at a set fee negotiated by the MOE.

We also use our experience to proactively identify key issues and opportunities and develop and implement master plans and smaller capital improvements. Often we help raise funding for these projects through the generosity of business sponsors and the local community.



APL serves state and private schools and provides peer review services to the Ministry Of Education.


  • Check and update Ministry Property Management System
  • Conduct full Condition Assessments of school property
  • Define goals and objectives for property assets and the school environment
  • Develop a Property Ten Year Plan with the executive and trustees
  • Develop an approach and master plan to achieve the executive and trustees’ vision
  • Identify key operational concerns and propose remedies
  • Obtain full specialist reports and specialist sign-offs
  • Obtain Ministry of Education approval of 10YPP and 5YA
  • Review compliance, health and safety and risk identification
  • Review property maintenance
  • Update WebFM Condition Assessment