“The best results come from open collaboration with members of the Body Corporate. We work closely with our clients, combining their intimate on-site knowledge of the property with our expert resources to ensure full statutory compliance and to increase the asset’s profitability and commercial value.”

APL is one of New Zealand’s most experienced Body Corporate Managers. We provide professional services that ensure our clients fulfil all their regulatory and financial compliance requirements under the Unit Titles Act, Unit Title regulation or relevant shared ownership governance requirements. We help remove risk with a focus on the Health and Safety at Work Act. We contribute beyond that by assisting our clients to resolve the complex management challenges of shared ownership. Also to uncover opportunities to reduce operational costs, increase profitability and add to the property’s value and marketability. All our Body Corporate clients receive preferential pricing on insurance as well as securing front of queue access to leading trades and services.


We provide Body Corporate Management Services to owners of residential apartment complexes, retail centres and commercial buildings. We also act as Secretary in a range of other shared ownership organisations, including Incorporated Societies and rural or gated communities.


  • Administration
  • Building compliance
  • Financial management
  • Insurance
  • Management of breaches
  • Secretarial services and committee meetings
  • We also provide advice to developers on structuring the shared ownership scheme, along with budgets and contributions



APL Queenstown and Rotorua are recognised for their extensive experience and skills in Body Corporate management, being two of few entities in the Country offering specialised Secretarial Services.  With a substantial base of experience in both the South and North Islands, APL Group is unique in its ability to provide total professional property services to unit title owners, as well as being able to respond to the special requirements of absentee owners and the integration of investment owners with community living.