Sport NZ Facilities Strategy for Athletics NZ

Sport NZ Facilities Strategy for Athletics NZ

To create a strategy which: Identifies and rationalises ANZ's requirements. Provides the rationale for a long term strategy to meet ANZ's goals and objectives. Creates an inventory of existing faciities and resources to enable a more planned approach to maintenance and improvement. Provides an inventory of current IAAF certified facilities and information on the certification process. Outlines a framework for the implementation of robust maintenance programmes. Supplies information on sport funding bodies. Provides a strategy that aligns with Territorial Authority/Local Authority Long Term Community and Annual Plans.


Sport NZ / Athletics NZ


Report Completed 2010

APL's contribution

Consultation with client regarding requirements

Historical and current overview of the sport

Extensive review of all current facilities to provide inventory

Future needs assessment including IAAF requirements

Maintenance requirements

Gap analysis

Assessment of current and proposed regional provision for sports facilties

Development of a process by which maintenance programmes could be included within LTCCPs and capital programmes rationalised

Research into other funding programmes

Strategy development and recommendations including key facility initiatives and their alignment within the relevant LTCCP with rationale for inclusion Implementation guidelines.