Shared, Multi-Purpose Site & Events Centre -Hawkes Bay

Shared, Multi-Purpose Site & Events Centre -Hawkes Bay

Stake Holders: Hawkes Bay Racing Inc, Hawkes Bay A & P Society, Hastings Rugby & Sports Club, Hawkes Bay Polo and Drillers Poultry Farm. The facility must be capable of attracting national and international events and add to the appeal and interest of the Hawkes Bay Region.


Hastings District Council


$30million to $35million, completed May 2014

APL's contribution

To provide detailed fesibility study exploring the above

Consultation with key stakeholders to dtermine requirements

Research and sites visits

Further review of the current A & P facilities and grounds and adjoining rugby/polo grounds to ascertain capability to host all stakeholder events plus a large multi-purpose events centre

Consideration of earthquake assessments of current facilities

Analysis of stakeholder needs

Provision of master plans showing various options

Provision of cost analysis

Outline of funding options

Demonstration of ownership and operational structure options

Guide on governance options

Outline of occupation rights

Recommendations and guidelines.