Luggate Community Facility - Building Project

Acquisition and installation of temporary community building at Luggate.


Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC)



Project Details

Following the Christchurch earthquakes, QLDC identified that the existing Luggate Memorial Hall was earthquake prone and closed to the public. The Luggate community requested an urgent temporary replacement as a new purpose built facility was still at an early planning stage.

APL sourced a relocatable building, to be purchased from the University of Canterbury site. This repurposing a building that may otherwise have become landfill as it was no longer required at the University, in line with QLDC’s environmental objectives, and community waste-minimisation expectations.

The building was transported in two parts where it was re-established in Luggate. Internal fit-outs were then undertaken, services were installed, and the building was handed over to QLDC to manage on behalf of the community.

APL's contribution

APL managed all aspects of the project:

  • Asset negotiation and acquisition
  • Community consultation
  • Contractor engagement
  • Design and consenting
  • Construction
  • Final review and handover

Three main issues needed to be addressed.

The temporary building, and access to it, must not interfere with the design, location, and construction of the future facility, or cause any safety risks to the public.

The temporary building purchased from the university did not meet regional requirements under NZBC legislation. It was upgraded to meet the fire, structural and accessibility requirements of a community building.

Construction resources were scarce due to the level of building works being undertaken in the district. APL’s management team successfully-leveraged relationships with several local construction contacts, asking them to reallocate staff and give this project priority.