Asset management is much more than the management and maintenance of property. It is a performance monitoring process aimed at enhancing value and maximising return for the property owner. It is not a single activity happening at a specific time but takes place over the life cycle of a property or portfolio. It looks at the bigger picture. Condition assessment and maintenance planning are the starting points of this process.

Asset management concentrates on increasing income (e.g. rents), reducing expenses (e.g. tax, insurance) and increasing property value (e.g. improvements).

The centralisation of your asset management needs is a cost effective and pragmatic step towards future proofing your investment. APL provides a full range of integrated asset management services customized to a client’s specific needs in a flexible delivery plan across the lifecycle of ownership.

We help property owners maximise returns on property investments through value-added programmes, innovation and superior management expertise. APL takes an “asset management” approach which directly supports owners’ financial and operational goals through a variety of services in areas such as building operations, tenant relations and financial management.