Big city expertise, without the big city smoke


APL HAS AN UNCOMPROMISING PURPOSE – to help our clients increase the benefits they derive from their property assets.

We achieve this by providing owners of property in regional NZ with the same level of expertise and professionalism that you expect to find at the largest national and international metropolitan firms. The same skills, high-level strategic capabilities, experience, market insights, knowledge of regulations, financial analysis, and the breadth of disciplines needed to manage large scale portfolios. In some areas, such as our advanced management software, APL’s technology and processes lead the industry and are well-ahead of the curve.

Where we differ fundamentally is in our allegiance

In regional NZ, we are the home team. This is our backyard. The communities in which we operate are the communities in which we live; where our kids go to school and where we puff and pant our way through local fun runs. We are not Fly-In/Fly-Out consultants in power suits; although we are more than comfortable crossing swords with them on our clients’ behalf.

The depth of our local knowledge, and local relationships, enables us to arm our clients with intelligence and advice that helps them to achieve superior returns. We provide them with priority access to opportunities. And we ensure that they always have property professionals at their side who want the same result they do and have the moxie to make it happen.