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Since 2017 APL Property has been a proud member of the Government Property Groups (GPG) Property Consultancy Services Panel (PCS Panel), recognising our comprehensive range of professional property-related services specifically designed to meet the needs of public sector agencies and local authorities across New Zealand. 

In April 2024 GPG confirmed the re-appointment of APL Property to its Common Capability PCS Panel in the following categories;

  • Property Planning and Advisory
  • Asset Management 
  • Valuation Services


Who can use the PCS Panel?

All-of Government (AoG) contracts are open to the New Zealand public sector. This includes agencies within the state sector, local authorities and state funded schools. As of late 2023, there are 73 mandated agencies that are required to use the PCS Panel. Agencies that are not mandated to use the PCS Panel can still use it, but their use is voluntary. 


Benefits of using the PCS Panel

Using the PCS Panel provides buyers of property services a range of benefits including:

  • Ability to directly source services from panel providers.
  • Confidence that supplier charge rates are the best deal available to agencies.
  • Confidence that suppliers have robust quality assurance procedures and an established track record of delivery.
  • Online panel to assist with identification of suitable panel providers.


What services are in scope of the PCS Panel?

Property Planning and Advisory
  • Strategy and planning advice relating to acquisitions, negotiations, re-use, or disposal.
  • Sale & leaseback assistance with the negotiation and structure of the sale of a commercial or industrial property to another entity which then leases the property back to the vendor.
  • Managing freehold and leasehold premises, including compliance with regulatory and legislative and local authority requirements.
  • Strategic programme management for multiple projects and / or workstreams across a portfolio.
  • Strategic property investment, finance, and governance planning, advisory, and management.
  • Specialist business case services (eg The Treasury’s Better Business Cases).
  • Assurance and audit services on property projects.
  • Analysis & benchmarking scenario analysis and bespoke financial modelling that allows clients to compare existing property performance, effectiveness and adopt improvements.
  • Occupancy reviews assistance with a formal review of occupancy needs including square meterage,  requirements, work point and head count forecasting, and agility ratios to unlock value, and or ensure the workplace is fit for your requirements.
Asset Management
  • Strategic asset management, including policy, strategy, and strategic AM planning.
  • Asset Management plans for a building / portfolio.
  • Undertaking scheduled physical and/or desktop inspections of assets
  • Assessment of Level of Service requirements.
  • Implementation and maintenance of an Asset Register.
  • Asset condition reporting.
  • Asset performance monitoring.
  • Asset capacity reporting.
  • Long term planning.
  • Demand planning.
  • Whole-of-life cost analysis and options for re-use or disposal.
  • Establishing market values of agency land or buildings, including ground rentals.
  • Market rent review assistance with a formal review of comparable market rental conditions to ensure the rent being paid is consistent with rates in the current market.
  • Providing valuation reports and rental certificates, including reinstatement.
  • Providing valuation reports or certificates for the reinstatement or replacement values for lease premises fit out.
  • Assisting with lease negotiations.
  • Providing expertise and/or representation for arbitration, negotiation or disputes relating to valuations and rentals.
  • Advice on market conditions and trends to aid with forecasting and planning.
  • Asset, plant, and machinery valuation services.
  • Providing valuation advice and reporting.

We are APL Property, a leading provider of property services to public sector agencies and local authorities across New Zealand.

APL Property are a trusted provider of Property Management, Property Advisory, Project Management and Valuation services with an established track record of over 20 years. APL Property is also a LINZ Accredited Supplier of Crown property services. 

APL HAS AN UNCOMPROMISING PURPOSE – to help our clients increase the benefits they derive from their property assets.


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